Estill Furnace Sign Estill Furnace LH Side of Furnace Estil Furnace 1962
Estill Furnace Sign Estill Furnace LH Side of Furnace Estill Furnace 1962


Estil Furnace is in very poor condition. The front of the stack has fallen in and the right hand wall is heavily damaged. Extensive brush accompanies trees that grow from the dirt filled stack and break the stones apart. The furnace is quickly crumbling and will be nothing except a pile of debris within the near future.

The picture from 1962 was kindly donated by Mrs. Carol Dailey of Kentucky.

First Visited: 1Q 2003


Start of Operation: 1830 - Rebuilt in 1849

Blowout: 1874

Daily Tonnage: 1,967 tons per year - about 7 tons per day on a 9 month production window

Built By: Thomas Dye Owings

Stack: 34 feet w/10 foot bosh (Lesley reports 33 feet high w/10-1/2 foot bosh)

Blast: Cold

Type: Charcoal

Although Owings built the stack, he sold the stack to Resin H. Gist and James Mason after it was built. They operated the furnace for a few years and sold out in 1832 or 1833 to a group of investors, including Samuel G. Jackson, Samuel Wheeler, Luther Mason, and his brother John C. Mason. They operated the furnace for several years, and then sold out to a second set of investors, including Andrew Laywell, Josiah A. Jackson, W.G. Jackson, and Weeden Smith. When Smith died, the partnership was dissolved and the furnace was sold to Josiah, who then sold to the Red River Iron Manufacturing Company in 1863. It reopened in 1865 for rebuilding and went into blast in 1868. It operated successfully until 1874.

Per J.P. Lesley,


Located at the intersection of State Routes 213 and 1057. It is an interesting drive on 213 South from Stanton - I do not recommend it at night, in the winter, or if you are in a hurry.

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