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The furnace stones remain in poor condition. Per Kenny Blair, a local iron furnace enthusiast, the site was originally two stacks, as shown by drawings at the local library. It is unclear where the second stack would stand. We think that the stack would be to the right of the existing ruins. Stone may have been removed for other projects. The remaining stones may be buried. Old sketches indicate that there were two openings per stack. Slag samples indicate a high limonite content with ropy slag condition. It is possible that one steam engine ran both stacks, with a weaker blast as a result.

First Visited: 2Q 2004


Start of Operation: 1834, Rebuilt in 1853.


Daily Tonnage: 1,256 tons/year

Built By: J. B. Patterson

Stack: 33 feet high w/10 foot bosh

Blast: Hot

Type: Charcoal


GPS N37 43.803 W85 38.432 @456 feet

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