From the Road Pine Grove Furnace RH Side of Furnace RH Tuyere
From the Road Pine Grove Furnace RH Side of Furnace RH Tuyere


Pine Grove Furnace appears to be in reasonable condition, although I was unable to get close due to the heavy brush. The furnace sits just off the AA highway, but is almost invisible from the road unless you know exactly where to look. Pine Grove was the smallest of the HRIR furnaces. It has a single tuyere to the RH side of the furnace.

The furnace sits on private property, so I did not cross the highway fence to get a close look - again, heavy brush and stickers make it difficult to gain access to this site.

First Visited: 4Q 2003


Start of Operation:


Daily Tonnage:

Built By:

Stack: 20 feet




From the intersection of Rt 52 (Ohio) and Rt 10 (Ky), take Rt 10 west. Cross over the dam bridge, then then Rt 7. Approximately 6-7 miles west of Rt 7, look for a orchard on the north (RH) side of the road. Directly to the south of this area are two roads (LH turns off the AA). The furnace sits between these two roads, on a slight rise. You can see the furnace from the road if you look carefully. The area between the furnace and the road is very wet and marshy. I found it easier to cross the stream to the east and then walk along the small rise until I reached the furnace. Expect lots of brush, stickers, and plant seeds for your efforts.

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