Raccoon Furnace RH Side of Furnace Huge Iron Deposit Iron in the Stream
Raccoon Furnace RH Side of Furnace Huge Iron Deposit Iron in the Stream


Raccoon Furnace is in exceptionally poor condition. The entire structure is highly unstable and likely to collapse at any time. There is a considerable amount of underbrush growing inside the furnace stack, along with several trees. The entire center and front of the furnace has been destroyed. All evidence of the cupola is gone.

According to the property owner (Mr. Wayne Willis), the furnace developed a leak very early on in its operation. The resulting explosion ruined the stack and it was never operated again. I found significant quantities of iron, slag, limestone, iron, and iron ore in the stream across the road. I received a pig runner from Mr. Willis that was stored under his barn.

First Visited: 1Q 2003


Start of Operation: 1831


Daily Tonnage: 8-10 tons

Built By: Barr, McGrew & Co.

Stack: 34 feet w/10-1/2 foot bosh

Blast: Hot

Type: Charcoal

Per J.P. Lesley, the charcoal furnace was managed by William H. McGrew. In thirty five weeks of 1854 the fn produced 2,000 tons of iron out of lower coal measure block, kidney, and crop hematite ores from the surrounding hills.


Take Rt 7 to Route 2, just north of Warnock. Go east on Rt 2 to mile marker 11. The furnace is on private property.

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