Salt River Furnace Cupola Furnace Stones Stone Wall
Salt River Furnace Cupola Furnace Stones Stone Wall
Artifacts Artifacts Artifacts Artifacts
Artifacts Artifacts Artifacts Artifacts


Mr. Kenny Blair is excavating this iron furnace located just down the road from his house. The original site was totally buried in dirt. The excavation has revealed the cupola and extensive stonework along one side of the furnace. The outlines of the furnace base have been exposed and cupola appears to be at the bosh level. To the left of the furnace is a brick wall - excavation of this portion was in progress at the time I visited the site. Above the furnace ruin is a collection of stonework - it is not clear if this was part of the charging ramp or the steam engine/boiler oven house. Since the furnace was abandoned, a tannery and a hog farm operated, making exact identification of the site features unclear. Pacing off the furnace by the exposed foundation stones indicates that the fn was about 24 feet square with a 8 foot bosh.

Extensive iron work and artifacts have been recovered at this site, a portion of which area photographed above. One piece of firebrick has the letters "SP" on the brick.

First Visited: 2Q 2004


Start of Operation: 1832

Blowout: 1853

Daily Tonnage:

Built By: J.B. Alexander & Co. Managed by W. Patterson


Blast: Hot

Type: Charcoal


GPS N37 55.702 W85 43.338 @484 feet

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