Etna Furnace RH Tuyere Front of Furnace LH Side of Furnace
Etna Furnace RH Tuyere Front of Furnace LH Side of Furnace


I did not spend a great deal of time at this furnace. It looks to be in poor condition, and most of the inner furnace has collapsed. There is a great deal of foilage growing in and around the furnace. The site will require a significant amount of work.

Revisited the furnace in February 2002. Spent a bit more time at the site. The iron work on the tuyere's is an interesting feature that I did not notice on the previous visit.

Last Visit: 1Q-2002

Initial Visit: 1Q-2001


Start of Operation: 1832

Blowout: 1887

Daily Tonnage: 16

Built By: Etna Furnace was built by James Rodges, John Sparks, and Valentine Fear.

Stack: 10-1/2 foot bosh

Blast: Hot

Type: Charcoal

In 1820 Joseph and Kitty Dollarhide Kelly moved their family to this area where Etna Furnace was later built. In 1832 Joseph Kelly sold this land to James Rodgers and others and built Etna Furnace. Joseph Kelly going into the company. William Dollarhide Kelly, son of Joseph and Kitty Kelly, began his career as an Iron Man when he became a member of the firm of Dempsey, Rodgers & Co., proprietors of Etna Furnace in 1844.

Etna Furnace should not be confused with Big Etna Furnace, which was located in Ironton, Ohio. The Etna Iron Works owned several HRIR sites, including Vesuvius, Big Etna, Alice, Blance, and this site. According to newspaper reports, the company owned approximately 16,000 acres of land around the Etna and Vesuvius furnaces. Given the iron usage of the day, it was expected that this land would generate iron for a period of 1,000 years. The Etna Iron Works suffered a series of financial setbacks in 1878 that probably were related to the shutdown the "Little Etna" facility.

(From the Lawrence Register)

Per J.P. Lesley, the fn was owned by J. Ellison, S.W.Dempsey and James Rogers, managed by J. Ellison. The fn produced 2,240 tons of iron in a fourty week period during 1856. The fn used brown hematite outcrop ore of the lower coal measures.


Take Rt93 South from Jackson, Ohio. Turn onto CR4 (Cannon's Creek Rd), the furnace is approximately 0.5 miles on the left.

GPS - N38 37.485 W82 39.165 @636 feet

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