Historical Marker Rear Retaining Wall Inner Furnace Hope Furnace
Historical Marker Rear Retaining Wall Inner Furnace Hope Furnace
Hope Furnace
Hope Furnace


The Hope Furnace is maintained by the State of Ohio - Department of Natural Resources.

The Hope Furnace stack is in fair condition, but some of the inner furnace has fallen, nearly blocking the tuyere's - this may have been done deliberately to prevent people from crawling inside the furnace, as it is on a popular hiking trail. The structure to the RH side of the furnace is probably the location of the engine house and/or boilers.

First Visit: 1Q-2001

Last Visit: 4Q-2001


Start of Operation: 1854

Blowout: 1875

Daily Tonnage: 15

Built By: Hope Furnace was built by Colonel Putman & Others


Blast: Hot

Type: Charcoal

The Olde Forester reports: Statistics of the Hope Furnace are given in an 1870 GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF OHIO. Production was 15 tons of cast iron per day and in 1870 the furnace produced 2,827 tons of foundry iron. The raw materials were iron ore, roasted to remove some the impurities, 1,150 to 1,225 pounds; 70 pounds of limestone; and 35 bushels of charcoal. The charcoal was produced from trees on the nearby forest. Ore from the vicinity was unsatisfactory, so they brought ore from the Vinton Furnace Tract via the Big Sand Railroad -- the roadbed which is now under the waters of Lake Hope. Added was 70 pounds of limestone to complete the chemical reaction when heated to 950 degrees by the blast.

This site attracts visitors since it is part of a state park. I like to pitch a tent at the campgrounds located just north of the site. The site makes a nice base of operations for a long weekend of field work.


The Hope Furnace is located on Rt278, on the RH side of Lake Hope. The furnace is on the west side of the road, about a mile north of the ranger station.

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