LaGrange Furnace LaGrange Inner Furnace
LaGrange Furnace LaGrange Inner Furnace
RH Side of Furnace Rear of Furnace Front of Furnace
RH Side of Furnace Rear of Furnace Front of Furnace


LaGrange Furnace is on private property - the owners live in the large log home catty-corner across the road from the furnace site.

The outer wall is in fair condition, but the top of the stack has fallen in. The inner stack is heavily damaged.

LaGrange Furnace is built against a short hill. If you climb the hill behind the stack, you will find the evidence of the railroad that passed through the area, shipping the iron back to Ironton.

First Visited: 1Q-2001

Last Visited: 1Q-2001


Start of Operation: 1836

Blowout: 1856

Daily Tonnage: 7

Built By: Hurd, Gould & Company

Stack: 32 feet w/10 foot bosh

Blast: Hot

Type: Charcoal

William Dollarhide Kelly leased LaGrange Furnace from 1851-1854 and made considerable money in this venture. (Lawrence Register)

Per J.P. Lesley, the ch fn was owned by the Ohio Iron and Coal Co, John Campbell, President. IN 1854 the fn produced 1,000 tons of iron out fo lower coal measure limestone ore mixed with some block ore. The fn was abandoned in 1856 for want of timber.


Take Rt 93 north from Ironton. Turn left onto RT 21 and follow west. The furnace will be on your left.

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