Oakridge Furnace Oakridge Furnace Capstone Closeup Closeup of Front
Oakridge Furnace Oakridge Furnace Capstone Closeup Closeup of Front


Oakridge Furnace is in excellent condition and is a masterpiece of furnace construction. The furnace is built from sandstone blocks and appears to have been erected by a craftsman. A John Thompson is believed to have founded the operation, which was operated by Professor Mather.General O.M. Mitchell was a part owner in the furnace. The furnace only operated for one year, which probably accounts for the excellent condition of the furnace.

Last Visited: 2Q-2001


Start of Operation: Built - 1856 First Blast - August 1857 (Charcoal Iron) Second Blast - May 1858 (Coal Iron)

Blowout: ?

Daily Tonnage: 15

Built By: Oakridge Furnace was built by H. Allison

Stack: 44 feet w/11 foot bosh

Blast: Hot

Type: Charcoal

Per J.P. Lesley, the ch fn was owned by Stetson, Bishop, Mitchell, and Mather. O.M. Mitchell was the manager. The fn produced 450 tons of iron during 1857 out of various ores from the middle coal measures.


Take Route 141 north to Aid, Ohio. Just north of Aid, turn left onto CR8. Follow the road until it deadends onto CR5. You will be able to go straight or right - go straight (left hand fork). The furnace will be on your right a few miles down the road. If you get into the forest proper you have gone too far.

The furnace is on PRIVATE property - the oweners house is located just past the furnace.

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